The Learning Brain

a site devoted to furthering the understanding of neuro-educaiton

Resources and Suggested Readings

WEBSITES  (Society for Neuroscience’s searchable database for educators and parents)   (Blog on digital learning trends, resources and presentations)  (Collection of information about the brain and learning)  (site on recent finding in neuroscience – be sure to check out their webcasts and audio archives for some fantastic interviews with leaders in the field!)


Wolfe, Pat (2010) Brain Matters: Translating Research into Classroom Practice, 2nd edition, ISBN# 978-1-4166-1067-0

Nevills, Pamela and Wolfe, Pat (2009) Building the Reading Brain, PreK – 3, ISBN# 978-1-41296-326-8

Glick, Margaret (2011) The Instructional Leader and the Brain: Using Neuroscience to Inform Practice, ISBN# 978-1-4129-8822-3


An Introduction to Brain Research and Learning

The Reading Brain

SfN Neuroscience Core Concepts PowerPoint


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